Professional Performer




Originally from South Carolina, Katelyn moved to New York City following graduation to pursue her career as a professional performer.  Katelyn was accepted into the prestigious Broadway Dance Center Professional Semester program which allowed her to study under the worlds top choreographers and instructors.  Katelyn has also been mentored by Teddy Forance through CLI Studios Trainee Program. 

Katelyn has recently worked on HBO Max's "The Flight Attendant", CBS's "FBI", and NBCUniversal's new drama "Dr. Death".  Before moving to NYC, you may have seen Katelyn as a back-up dancer for Frankie Zulferino.  You may have also seen Katelyn in a Subway commercial with Nascar driver, Tony Stewart or in a Toyota commercial with Nascar's famed brothers, Michael and Darrell Waltrip. 

Katelyn will be on tour as a Corps Member with BellaMoxi during it's 2021 season. Katelyn is grateful for the gifts and talents God has given her, and knows it is her responsibility to continue to develop those gifts to reach their fullest potential.  Katelyn wants to use her career as a platform to inspire others to do the same.



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